Weighing and measuring systems and devices

We are working diligently to help fuel the industrial revolution in Saudi Arabia. We developed the best technological systems to monitor materials coming into and out of factories and maintain product quality. In turn, this will increase productivity and profit.

These systems are helpful for both factories, and concrete companies in case trucks have to be weighed quickly, easily without having to unload cargo; it saves a lot of time. The system is helpful at measuring liquids accurately with accuracy greater than 99%.

There are various options for using these systems. It is possible to install it on the entrance gates of trucks. The truck will only pass when the scale is crossed, and information about the weight and dimensions of its load is known. It could be used repeatedly without maintenance or calibrations because it’s made with such toughness that there’s no need for usual care.

This system was developed to be easy and fast for anyone to use. It can provide all of the information needed for different databases, enhancing the efficiency of oversight from government agencies.

It is worth noting that you should not be afraid of any malfunctions, as we are equipped with a professional team who are always ready to carry out maintenance in no time at the lowest costs. In addition to providing periodic maintenance on a regular basis.