Control Systems

We make sure traffic moves smoothly on highways and coordinate between public transportation and the local traffic lights so that cities can grow by solving congestion problems. This benefits citizens, institutions and activities in the Kingdom.

We rely on our systems on:-

highly accurate machine vision

Our cameras and software can accurately detect trucks on the road in different traffic situations to determine whether the driver has stolen a car or been involved in criminal activity with it.


Accuracy in no time

We focus primarily on being accurate and fast at swabbing and measuring dimensions by conducting an automated examination and providing appropriate conditions for engines’ work to save fuel and reduce pollutants, as well as developing customer service to speed up their response and improve their efficiency.


Flow analysis with negligible error rates

We are working to make work more efficient by using analytics that helps us see what’s happening in our world to figure out how to do new and better things. We have worked hard to increase efficiency and speed up decisions to issue permits more quickly for those who follow the rules.