Dar Al-Qiyas provides services Taqyees for all types of scales used in commercial exchanges in the following activities

Gold, silver and jewellery, oud and perfumes, central markets, supplies, vegetables and fruits, herbalists, roasters, bakeries, pastries, sweets and chocolate, nuts, dates, butcheries and fish.

Periodic verification service for scales:

It is a field verification of the measuring devices used to ensure that they comply with legal specifications and standards and that they operate accurately

Verification validity:

One year Gregorian

Service price/scale:

345 riyals including tax, paid through the official Taqyees website

service type:

Mandatory for all targeted facilities according to the executive regulations of the measurement and calibration system

Target group :

All scales used in commercial transactions: gold stores, supermarkets, grocery stores, roasters, sweets, nuts, fish butchery, and shipping companies.

Service implementation duration:

One to three business days

Steps for registering a new user

first step

Registering on the Taqyees New User

second step

 After registering and logging in to the platformPlease follow the steps or contact us for assistance

third step

Submit a new application and choose Measurement Company to calibrate your scales

Step four